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Based in Philadelphia, Backseat Conceptions has been providing production services since 2002. As a company that came of age during the digital filmmaking revolution Backseat Conceptions now primarily works on projects that have lower budgets and higher aspirations. We feel that just because a project has a low budget doesn’t mean that it has to be understaffed or run chaotically.

In addition to our film and video credits Backseat Conceptions runs the

Backseat Film Festival; a nationally recognized film festival which is now in it’s seventh year. Also in 2008 we opened the 941 Theater which is the first independent movie theater to open in Philadelphia in the past ten years. The Theater won the 2009 best new venue award from Philadelphia Magazine and was recognized as the thing going in independent film in Philadelphia by the Citypaper.

Between our production know how and film programming experience we know what the audience wants and how to make it. Backseat Conceptions is glad to be a part of I Am A Fat Cat and excited to see the short film expanded into either a feature length movie or an episodic series.

– Nick Esposito

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