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I am a Fat Cat is a film about living in New York City surrounded by so much wealth and struggling to find some scraps for yourself. Fat Cat’s, the Greenwich Village club where the story takes place, is the stomping grounds for a motley cast including homo-thugs, teenage delinquent chess players, college kids and the film’s central characters: Annie, Dee and Evgenya.

A Russian-American “masseuse” from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, Evgenya has inherited the native New Yorker’s dream to see her name in lights. Dee is a Lesbian from Brooklyn and a lothario who does her best to come across like a thug and a hard case until she finds her intellect challenged by a college girl. Annie, who sees her father carried off in handcuffs, has become a harried, small time grifter who works all day and spends her nights at Fat Cats where people find ways to scam, seduce and connect to each other while the drinks flow and the music plays. Annie just wants a piece of the old New York, when any scam was possible, but these days she’s drinking herself to sleep at Fat Cat’s certain that she’s owed something better but unsure of what it is and how to get it.

These are the fat cats, lost people dreaming big about the wrong things.

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